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First Presbyterian Church a Brief History

1887 - 2018

The FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH of Mount Vernon, New York was
organized by the Presbytery of Westchester on June 23rd, 1887. This historic
Church has served and ministered to the Westchester Community at large for over
131 years! The original location of the Church was South Sixth Avenue and it was
the largest church sanctuary in the City of Mount Vernon at that time. This location
is now the present home of the Grace Baptist Church. The Church moved to its
present location of East Lincoln and North Columbus Avenue in 1933.   However
worship services were held in the Parish Hall for nineteen years, and the current
sanctuary was dedicated on May 18th, 1952.
As a multi-cultural congregation, the church has opened its doors for Tenant &
Neighborhood meetings; Meals on Wheels program; Naomi House (a womens
shelter); Boys & Girls Scout Troop meetings; and Youth Summer Camps; and is
also an election polling location. Currently the Four Square, Brazilian
Congregation shares our space; and AA Sobriety group meetings are held weekly.
Over the years the congregation has supported many organizations that addressed
social issues: These included the Boys Club; Missionaries in Asia and in Leeds,
Maine; the sponsorship of a displaced European Family; and elected representation
on the Mount Vernon School Board. Currently Mission needs in Mount Vernon are
supported by food donations to the daily food program located at the Mount
Vernon Armory. In addition members of our congregation provide and serve a
dinner meal once a month.
Music has always been an important part of the worship services and community
outreach. The Mount Vernon Music Academy was founded in this church and
provided affordable music lessons to the Westchester community for many years.
Since 1981the PJS, Presbyterian Jazz Society, continues to provide entertaining
and outstanding Jazz Artists performances in the Parish Hall.

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